Dual Input DRL Stabilizer
Dual Input DRL Stabilizer

Dual Input DRL Stabilizer

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We've heard this asked a few times, "Where do i get the DRL signal from for my LEDs". On some cars the answer is easy, but there are quite a few cars like Subarus that have a DRLs for the day and parking lights at night. To make things even worse many of those cars use the High or Low beam bulbs at 6v to get the DRL signal. This creates issues with controllers like BlueGhozt and Switchback Halos which only have 1 input and cannot function with a 6v signal. 


Thats where our Dual input DRL Controllers come in handy. These custom PCBs have isolated dual inputs so you can connect both the parking lights and a DRL input that is reduced to a single 12v output. This controller can also take any input from 5v-15v and convert it to a steady 12v signal, up to 1amp. For example, a 110mm switchback halo only draws 0.25amps. These can be used to trigger a controller like BlueGhozt or run switchback halos with a total draw of 1 amp or less. These do not require a constant 12v power and ground connection like some options. 


These can also be used to stabilize low amp signals like with PWM on many German cars. This will not work for higher power draws like switchback halos but will work for things like the DRL signal on a BlueGhozt controller.


We have designed a 3d printable Project Box to fit the PCB inside. Files can be downloaded at the link below.

Project box top

Project Box Bottom


  • Controllers are sold individually (1 controller per order)
  • Total power load should be under 1 amp
  • Takes up to 2 independent 5-15v inputs and sends 1 12v output
  • PCB Dimensions are 50mm x 60mm

These controllers are not waterproof, they will need to be protected from the elements by being placed in a project box or inside a set of lights.

These come with a 1 year warranty, Defective unit will need to be sent back to Next Level Neo for the replacement to be sent.


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