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At Next Level Neo we are all about bringing out the best in Flow Series LEDs.

The old days of "Addressable arent reliable" or "Addressable arent bright enough" is quickly becoming a fear of the past thanks to many new advancements to the market. Our goal is to bring the latest in addressable LEDs to the automotive world so we can make this tech what it was born to be.
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Accredited Since: 5/24/2023

Years in Business: 3

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Accredited Since: 5/24/2023

Years in Business: 3

Frequently asked questions

We get it, this stuff can seem complicated. Here are some frequently asked questions.
  • What is the difference between Flow Series, Color Flow, Neo Pixel, and Addressable LEDs?

    The terms "Flow Series," "Color Flow," "Neo Pixel," and "Addressable LEDs" essentially refer to the same technology, albeit under different names. These names are often used by various brands or in different contexts to promote their products. All these terms describe LEDs where each individual light can be controlled separately, allowing for dynamic color patterns, flowing effects, and a wide range of customizable lighting options. The differences in naming are more about marketing and brand distinction than technological differences.

  • What are addressable LEDs?

    Addressable LEDs are a type of LED (Light Emitting Diode) that can be controlled individually or in groups, allowing each LED to display different colors and brightness levels independently from the others. This is distinct from non-addressable LED strips, where all LEDs display the same color and brightness at once. Key features of addressable LEDs include:

    1. Individual Control: Each LED can be controlled separately. This is achieved through integrated circuits within the LED strip or module, which receive digital signals dictating the color and brightness for each LED.
    2. Communication Protocol: They use specific communication protocols like WS2812B, SK6812, or UCS2904. These protocols determine how data is sent to the LEDs, enabling precise control over color and intensity.
    3. Color Range: Addressable LEDs are typically RGB (Red, Green, Blue) and can produce a wide range of colors by mixing these primary colors in different proportions.
    4. Programmability: They can be programmed with controllers. This allows for creating dynamic lighting effects, animations, or responsive lighting (reacting to sound, movement, etc.).
    5. Applications: Addressable LEDs are popular in decorative lighting, signage, art installations, and DIY electronics projects due to their versatility and the creative control they offer.
    6. Power and Data: They usually have separate lines for power and data transmission. The data line carries the control signal for each LED, while the power line provides the necessary electricity.
    7. Chainable: Many addressable LEDs can be daisy-chained, meaning you can connect multiple strips or modules together and still control each LED individually.

    Addressable LEDs have opened up a world of possibilities for custom lighting solutions, interactive installations, and creative projects due to their flexibility and the unique control they offer over light.

  • What are static RGB LEDs

    Static RGB LEDs are a type of LED lighting that can display multiple colors but, unlike addressable or dynamic RGB LEDs, they cannot display multiple colors at once or create color-changing effects. Here are some key characteristics:

    1. Fixed Colors: Static RGB LEDs can produce various colors by combining different intensities of red, green, and blue light. However, the entire LED strip or unit displays the same color at any given time.
    2. No Individual LED Control: Unlike addressable RGB LEDs, where each LED can be controlled individually, static RGB LEDs are controlled as a whole. The entire strip or array changes color uniformly.
    3. Simpler Control: They typically have simpler control mechanisms compared to addressable LEDs. RGB LEDs from NLN include a Bluetooth controller with many functions.
    4. Applications: Static RGB LEDs are commonly used in scenarios where dynamic lighting effects are not necessary. They are suitable for mood lighting, accent lighting, or any application where a uniform color is desired across the entire length of the LED strip or unit.

    In summary, static RGB LEDs offer a multi-color lighting option without the complexity of addressable LEDs. They are ideal for users who want the ability to choose different colors but do not need individual LED control or dynamic, changing effects.

  • What are switchback LEDs?

    Switchback LEDs are a specialized type of automotive lighting technology used primarily in vehicle signal lights, such as turn signals and daytime running lights (DRLs). They are named "switchback" because they can switch colors back and forth, usually between two colors, in response to the vehicle's lighting needs. Here are some key features:

    1. Dual-Color Functionality: Switchback LEDs typically have two colors: white and amber. The white LEDs function as DRLs or parking lights, and the amber LEDs are used for turn signals.
    2. Automatic Switching: When the turn signal is activated, the white LEDs automatically switch off, and the amber LEDs blink for the turn signal. Once the turn signal is off, the LEDs switch back to white.
    3. Enhanced Safety and Visibility: The contrasting colors (white and amber) ensure high visibility, enhancing safety on the road. The bright amber color is particularly noticeable, which is vital for effective turn signaling.
    4. Aesthetic Appeal: In addition to their functional benefits, switchback LEDs are popular for their aesthetic appeal. They can give a modern and stylish look to a vehicle.
    5. Compatibility and Installation: These LEDs are designed to replace the vehicle's original front turn signal bulbs. It's important to ensure compatibility with your vehicle model and to follow proper installation procedures.
    6. Regulatory Compliance: As with any automotive lighting modification, it's important to ensure that switchback LEDs comply with local traffic laws and regulations.

    In summary, switchback LEDs offer a combination of functionality, safety, and style for automotive lighting. They are particularly useful for integrating the turn signal and DRL/parking light into a single, efficient unit.

  • Do i need RGB or RGBW LEDs?

    When deciding between RGB and RGBW LEDs for automotive use, it's important to consider the application and desired effect.

    • For Headlights: We recommend RGBW LEDs. Our RGBW options offer the added advantage of a 6000k white color, which is ideal for headlights. This true white light provides better visibility and a sleek, modern look. The white diode in RGBW LEDs ensures you get a pure, bright white, unlike RGB LEDs which might produce a less accurate white tone.
    • For Tail Lights: Our UCS2903 RGB LEDs are an excellent choice. They are exceptionally bright and effective for tail lights, ensuring clear visibility and vibrant colors. While they don’t provide the pure white light of RGBW LEDs, they excel in delivering rich, vivid colors.

    Key Points to Consider:

    • Brightness and Color: If you need the brightest option with dynamic color capabilities for tail lights, go for our UCS2903 RGB LEDs. For headlights where white light quality is paramount, choose RGBW LEDs.
    • Application: Tail lights benefit from the high brightness and color vibrancy of RGB LEDs, whereas headlights benefit more from the quality white light of RGBW LEDs.
    • Aesthetic Preference: Consider the look you're aiming for. RGBW LEDs offer a more comprehensive range of color options including a high-quality white, which is great for your running lights.

    In summary, your choice depends on the specific needs of your vehicle's lighting. RGBW LEDs are ideal for headlights due to their superior white light, while our UCS2903 RGB LEDs are perfect for tail lights, offering exceptional brightness and color.

  • Do your Addressable LEDs include a controller?

    Our addressable LEDs are designed for maximum flexibility to suit your unique build. To cater to diverse customer needs, our LEDs do not come standard with a controller. This approach allows you to choose the perfect controller that fits your specific requirements.

    However, we proudly offer some of the best controllers on the market, which can be used to control any of our halo lights or LED strips. These controllers provide precise control, ensuring that you can achieve the exact lighting effect you desire.

    Key Points:

    • Flexibility: Choose a controller that matches your specific needs and project scale.
    • Compatibility: All our controllers are fully compatible with our range of halos and LED strips.
    • Quality: Our controllers are among the best available, ensuring vehicle integration, reliability, and ease of use.

    In summary, while our LEDs do not automatically include a controller, we provide a selection of top-quality controllers that can be added to your purchase. This gives you the freedom to tailor your lighting system exactly as you need.

  • What controller do i need?

    Choosing the right controller for your addressable LEDs depends on your expertise level and specific requirements. We offer a range of controllers to suit different needs:

    1. BlueGhozt Controller: This is our top recommendation for advanced users seeking maximum customization. The BlueGhozt controller offers extensive control options, allowing for intricate and personalized lighting effects. It's important to note that the most affordable version of the BlueGhozt is a bare PCB in a plastic box, which requires assembly. We understand that this might be a bit complex for some, so we also offer waterproof, more complete versions for ease of use and durability.
    2. Color Flow LED Controller w/ Vehicle Inputs: For those who prefer ease of use with less technical involvement, we have a more straightforward controller. This option still offers Bluetooth connectivity, show modes on command, and vehicle inputs for turn signals and Daytime Running Lights (DRLs). It's a great choice for those who want a balance of functionality and simplicity.

    Key Points to Consider:

    • Expertise Level: BlueGhozt is ideal for advanced users, while our simpler controller is great for those who want a more user-friendly option.
    • Customization vs. Convenience: BlueGhozt offers extensive customization, whereas the simpler controller provides ease of use with essential features.
    • Assembly: Be prepared for some assembly with the base version of the BlueGhozt.

    Additional Resources:

    • Product Videos: We highly recommend watching the videos on each of our controller product pages. These videos provide valuable information and insights to help you make the best choice for your setup.

    In summary, your choice depends on how much control and customization you want, as well as your comfort level with assembly and technical details. Whether you're an advanced user or someone seeking a more plug-and-play solution, we have a controller that will meet your needs.

  • What is the Right Projector for Me?

    Choosing the right projector for your vehicle involves considering a few key factors:

    1. LED Technology: We exclusively offer LED projectors, as they have become the industry standard. Most car manufacturers are now opting for LED projectors or halogen bulbs in their new lineups due to their efficiency and performance.

    2. Benefits of LED Projectors:
    - Longevity: LED projectors typically have a longer lifespan compared to HID projectors.
    - Less Heat Generation: Unlike HID projectors, LEDs generate less heat, reducing the risk of damaging components.
    - Compact Design: LED projectors do not require the additional bulk of ballasts, harnesses, and large bulbs, making them more streamlined and easier to install.

    3. Finding the Right Fit:
    - Measurements:
    Before selecting a projector, take accurate measurements of your vehicle's headlight housing to ensure a proper fit.
    - Our Product Lineup: We have a broad selection of LED projectors suitable for nearly every requirement. Whether you are looking for performance, style, or a specific light pattern, we have options that cater to various needs.

    4. Assistance and Information:
    - Product Details:
    Check out our lineup for detailed information on each projector, including specifications and features.
    - Customer Support: If you need further assistance, our customer support team is here to help you make an informed decision.

    In summary, the right projector for you depends on your vehicle’s specifications and your personal preferences. Our range of LED projectors offers high-quality, efficient lighting solutions. By taking the necessary measurements and exploring our lineup, you can find the perfect projector that meets your needs.

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