Apollo 2.0 - Shrouds - Next Level Neo
Apollo 2.0 - Shrouds - Next Level Neo
Apollo 2.0 - Shrouds - Next Level Neo

Apollo 2.0 - Shrouds

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Introducing the Apollo 2.0 Projector Shrouds, a perfect fusion of aesthetic elegance and technical mastery. Inspired by the sleek design of modern Porsche headlights, these shrouds are crafted to elevate the look of your vehicle's lighting. With their lustrous chrome finish and textured façade, the Apollo 2.0 shrouds promise to make a statement on any road.

Features & Benefits:

  • Premium Quality Materials: Crafted from high-grade plastic and coated with resilient metalized chrome, NLN shrouds withstand the test of time and heat, unlike cheaper alternatives that succumb to deformation and flaking.

  • Ease of Mounting: Centric rings will be needed for 2.5" projectors, using Gorilla Glue Contact adhesive is advisable.

  • LED Halo Compatibility: Tailor your shrouds with, Addressable, Switchback or RGB systems from NLN for a truly custom lighting experience. These LED systems not only offer reliability but also enhance the shroud's appearance with their vibrant illumination.

  • Innovative DRL-Vents: Equipped with unique DRL-Vents, these shrouds provide an alternative and stylish way to mount the halos internally, adding an extra layer of luminosity to your vehicle.

  • Customization Made Simple: Retrofitting often requires precise adjustments, and the Apollo 2.0 shrouds cater to this need. Easily modifiable with a Dremel and EZ Lock cutting wheels, these plastic shrouds can be tailored to your specific retrofitting requirements.

What’s Included:

  • Shrouds: 2x Apollo 2.0 Projector Shrouds (One Pair)
  • Optional Accessories: For 2.5" projectors Centric Rings will be needed

Transform your vehicle's headlights with the Apollo 2.0 Projector Shrouds, where luxury meets functionality. Elevate your retrofit project to a new level of sophistication and style.

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