Color Flow JST Splitters
Color Flow JST Splitters

Color Flow JST Splitters

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Next Level Neo introduces a simple yet effective solution for expanding your custom lighting array – our JST Splitters. If you find yourself with more halos or LED strips than controller outputs, these splitters are the perfect addition to your setup. Designed to turn a single output into two, they simplify the process of adding extra lighting components, making your customization process a breeze.

Seamless Integration and Expansion:

  • These splitters are ideal for situations where you need to connect multiple halos or strips to a single controller output, ensuring a neat and efficient setup.
  • By splitting one output into two, you can easily expand your lighting system without the need for additional controllers or complicated wiring.

Product Details:

  • Sold as Pairs: Understanding your needs, these splitters are sold in pairs, providing you with the necessary components to expand your setup right away.
  • User-Friendly: Designed for ease of use, these splitters can be effortlessly integrated into your existing lighting configuration.

Enhance Your Lighting Project:

  • Whether you're working on a car, motorcycle, or any other custom lighting project, these Halo Splitters are an essential tool for achieving the desired effect and functionality.

Invest in Next Level Neo's Halo Splitters to make adding extra halos and strips to your project as easy as possible. With these in hand, you can ensure your lighting setup is both expansive and streamlined, perfectly tailored to your creative vision.

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