Ultrasonic Cutter Blade Anchor Kit for all ZO series cutters
Ultrasonic Cutter Blade Anchor Kit for all ZO series cutters - Next Level Neo

Ultrasonic Cutter Blade Anchor Kit for all ZO series cutters

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One of the worst things for a builder to deal with is an ultrasonic cutter that keeps going into safe mode. With the highspeed vibrations the blade anchor wears and wont seat properly making the cutter overheat faster and cut out. Replacing the blade anchor and screw will bring that cutter back to life and save you hundreds from having to buy a new one.

The new ZH04 blade fixture has been fixed at three points instead of the conventional two-point fixture to the horn part, thereby reducing the burden on the circuit due to loosening screws.
When using a special blade, please use this blade fixing bracket as much as possible.

The ultrasonic cutter ZO-40 design supervisor checked the waveform when it was used on the USW-334 and there was no problem, but just in case, we are checking the USW-334 design staff.
At this stage, only the ZO series is compatible.

The big advantage of this blade fixture ZH04 is that if the screw is loose and used, an overcurrent will flow through the circuit and at worst it will be damaged.
From the following data, it can be seen that the new blade fixing bracket ZH04 (light blue) is 0.1 [Nm] stronger than the conventional blade fixing bracket HK02 (orange) even if the blade fixing screw is loose.

Before use, I would like you to tighten the blade fixing screw, but it is troublesome when you are working hard, so if you are using the ultrasonic cutter ZO series, I recommend this blade fixing bracket.


Ultrasonic cutters are sharp and may cause injury if not used properly. Users are responsible to read the user manual fully and ensure that they are operating cutters safely. Next Level Neo is not responsible for any injuries incurred while using any ultrasonic cutters. 

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