Waterproof BlueGhozt V2 Addressable LED Controller

Waterproof BlueGhozt V2 Addressable LED Controller

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This description has been pulled directly from Ghozt's website to ensure nothing is lost in translation.

BlueGhozt Lite 2.0 is now available! Features new reverse input, diagnostic LED, and board layout!

BlueGhozt is our smartphone-controlled LED controller. It’s compatible with both iOS/Android devices via Bluetooth and is designed to work with WS2812b and SK6812 (Neoprism/Neopixel) RGB/RGBW addressable 5v and 12v LEDs.

BlueGhozt LITE and PLUS are identical except that the LITE does not have 4 +12V power switches for controlling 12v accessories.


BlueGhozt now comes with screw terminals for inputs AND outputs! JST connectors are included which plug and play with many off-the-shelf addressable RGB LED kits.


  • Six 12v inputs, for left turn, right turn, park, brake, reverse, and show mode trigger
  • Four 12v outputs for controlling 12v accessories (Plus only)
  • Controls two chains of addressable LEDs up to 350 each! (260 for RGBW)
  • Fully configurable through Bluetooth with our iOS/Android app!
  • New features delivered over the air through our app updates!
  • Sequential turn signals
  • F1-style braking
  • Parking/running lights
  • Showmodes triggered via Bluetooth
  • One module controls two turn signals!
  • Unlimited fully customizeable showmodes can be saved with our app
  • Adjustable turn signal timing to car’s flasher unit
  • Very low power drain while in operation, sleep mode when idle
  • Small form factor!
  • Includes a protective plastic housing!

Minimal experience with retrofitting, soldering, and working with LEDs/resistors recommended. Headlight/taillight in most cases must be opened to gain direct access to install LEDs. LEDs, headlights, or taillights are all sold separately.

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