Color Flow 5mm PCB Panels - 100pcs

Color Flow 5mm PCB Panels - 100pcs

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Add 5mm Color Flow LEDs
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 5mm Color Flow LEDs are great at helping you stand out in the crowd, jam about 500 of these in a set of tail lights and anyone will have a hard time missing your car. But what if you only need a few for a project and they arent on a panel spaced close together? Thats where these PCB come in handy. With these mini PCB you can take color flow RGB or RGBW LEDs and add easy solder pads to them to effectively create pods. There is a little work involved but the results will be well worth the effort. 


Please pay attention to the tracers on the PCB to ensure power data and ground wires are attached appropriately. The use of solder and wire will be neccessary to make these work and the LEDs are not included standard with these panels. 


  1. 1 Panel with 100 breakaway PCBs 
  2. Made for 5mm Color flow LEDs
  3. LEDs slide into the holes on the PCB and need to be soldered into place
  4. Wires will need to be attached to create the connection between the LEDs
  5. Each solder pads function will be determined by the placement of the LEDs into the PCB. Please follow the tracers on the PCB to determine which pads are Power, Data and Ground.


 Due to the nature of these PCB there is no warranty on this product 

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